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    Top 5 Christmas Knitwear for Women - Sweaters Australia

    Top 5 Christmas Knitwear for Women - Sweaters Australia

    We sense an extra special Christmas coming on for 2021. After time apart from family and friends, you will want to look and feel you best in fashionable knitwear that reflects Christmas cheer. We have curated a list of top 5 women’s Christmas knitwear items that will keep you on trend and comfortable this holiday season. Each of our recommendations will also make an ideal Christmas gift for her this season.

    Berry Possum Merino Ombre Poncho

    Nothing feels more luxurious than slipping on a possum merino poncho. Women adore these quality knitted ponchos because they are flattering, cosy and can be easily paired with a skirt, jeans, capri pants or otherwise. The mulberry silk component of these possum merino ponchos on sale, makes them comfortable to wear all day or night on Christmas or for any other special event. This berry colour combination picks up the warm red tones of this season and any women will ooze sophistication in a possum merino poncho. Ponchos are also the best women’s Christmas gift, as they will last many years and one size will fit most.

    Red McDonald Possum Merino Oversize Hood Jacket

    This piece of superb designer knitwear has Christmas written all over it. A sumptuous shade of red and a cardigan to compliment any outfit including a dress, skirt, tights, two-piece. Crafted from a lavish combination of possum fur and merino with pure mulberry silk this hooded style jacket can be ‘cool and casual’ with flat shoes or fabulously understated with some high heels. As everyone in Australia knows, the Christmas weather forecast is unpredictable. Having a beautiful jacket with you for the festivities is essential. Want to gift quality women’s knitwear to a special someone? This Red possum merino hood jacket will be appreciated by any fashion lover for a long time.

    Cayenne Red Pure Merino Wool Textured Shawl

    A favourite women’s 100% pure merino wool shawl is this one, and now it’s on sale for Christmas. Whether you want to wear it, gift it or both, this is a versatile stylish shawl that would suit anyone. This red shawl is gorgeous all year round, light enough not to weigh you down, but warm and breathable to fend off windy chills. Merino wool shawls can be worn over one shoulder, both shoulders, around the neck like a scarf or anyway that feels comfortable. Measuring 168cm by 70cm this a generous, high quality textured shawl that you will simply love for Christmas and all year round.

    3D Geccu Merino Knit

    The 3D Geccu knitwear range is all about JOY. Befitting of Christmas fashion 2021, after a difficult couple of years, wearing a bright quality knit this holiday season is sure to suit any woman. As a sweater, this tailored, hand crafted merino knit offer flattering vertical textured pattern and detail on the cuff and necklines. If you prefer a versatile design and you may choose to buy the merino Geccu bright cardigan. Christmas jumpers tend to be a ‘wear once’ garment, but the exclusive 3D Geccu sweaters will become a beloved piece of fashion to wear throughout the year, for many years. As Christmas presents for her, 3D Geccu jumpers and cardigans have been a long-time favourite. Now on sale, it is a perfect time to buy women’s knitwear for Christmas.

    Red Merino T-shirt

    If you are wondering what to wear for Christmas 2021, you will look the part and feel superb in a merino t-shirt. Designed with a raglan sleeve, lightweight and available from XS to XXL, every woman will love the feel of wearing this stylish t-shirt. For Christmas and the holiday season, the Cayenne red colour is ideal, otherwise the neutral tone options can be paired with a red knit shawl or red knot scarf to add spirit to your outfit. Merino t-shirts are the hype all over the world, not only for their luxurious wearability but also for their versatility. Dress these up with the addition of a necklace or chunky bracelets and a skirt or dress it down with some casual pants and flats. A merino t-shirt makes for a classic and thoughtful Christmas present for her.

    You have read our top 5 Christmas knitwear fashion ideas but with our wide range of quality knitwear, feel free to discover your own perfect holiday outfit.

    Feel and look your finest this Christmas in designer knitwear that is made to enjoy.

    Take advantage of our free and fast delivery options by buying all your holiday attire or Christmas gifts in one place. Whether you are looking for your new women’s knitwear outfit or wanting to buy mens fashion knitwear for a special someone, our range of quality knitwear will impress. Sweaters Australia is the perfect place to shop for fashion this Christmas.

    Winter wear style tips – Make your outfit outstanding

    Winter wear style tips – Make your outfit outstanding

    Dressing to impress during the Australian winter months can be tricky, especially in the extremely cold southern parts of Australia such as Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and parts of New South Wales. What is the one distinguishing rule for winter wear Australia? Woolen layers of course!

    Nowadays, knitwear suppliers like Sweaters Australia have amped up their designer style to offer high-fashion, luxuriously warm winter clothing for the best outfits on any chilly day. Women’s winter wardrobes and mens winter wardrobes can now be easily stocked with quality woolen clothing to rely on as the days get cooler and windier.

    Most Wanted Winter Wares Woolen sweaters are indeed the hype and are the most popular choice as an Australian winter staple. With plenty of variety in woolen sweater shape, weight, neckline and size every man and woman can find their perfect winter jumper for a trending winter look.

    Winter Wear for Men – Top Sellers

    1. Men’s woolen half zip sweater or half zip polo

    There is something deeply attractive about the half-zip wool sweater design. Men love the ability to enjoy complete neck coverage if needed or open the half zip for flattering detail. Sweaters Australia offers a handsome range of mens half zip sweaters and half zip polo jumpers in various weights, classic mid-weight Tradewinds by Ansett, super fine merino wool or cashmere merino blend.

    1. Men’s woolen V neck jumper

    V for versatile. It may seem obvious that mens woolen v neck jumpers are a top recommendation for winter fashionwear and with more colour choices, yarn options and sizes, it’s never been easier to create an outstanding winter outfit. V neck mens jumpers are perfect to pair with jeans and sneakers for a relaxed look, or with chino pants and boots for any business meeting or social event. V neck jumpers are a great layer under a denim or leather jacket, overcoat or blazer. Every Australian Man’s winter wardrobe must sport a V neck knit or three.

    1. Geccu 3D multicolour knit zip jacket

    With a sudden move towards bolder and brighter mens winter fashion, it is no wonder the exclusive Geccu 3D jackets from Sweaters Australia are trending big time. Originally made by Coogi Australia, these 3D knits are incredibly warm and made using 100% premium Australian merino wool. For a winter outfit, these eye-catching, flattering and unique mens woolen jackets are the perfect winter ware.

    Winter Wear for Women Top Sellers

    1. Women’s woolen ponchos and cape wraps

    Gorgeously warm and available in an array of colours, lengths and patterns, women’s premium wool ponchos and wraps are proving to be a must-have this winter season. Truly versatile, quality possum merino poncho or wrap from Sweaters Australia are worn over sweaters, to create an women’s winter outfit that oozes style, confidence and comfort. In Australia and worldwide, a women’s winter wardrobe is not complete without a beautiful poncho, knitted wrap or cape wrap.

    1. Women’s woolen zip cardigan

    For a tidy and chic look, women are opting for feminine zip cardigans in their Australian winter wardrobes. In luxe possum merino blends, fitted zip knit cardigans are easy to dress up or down, making them an excellent choice for office attire, dinner events and more. Sweaters Australia has curated a range of the finest quality women’s wool cardigans in attractive colours, two tone and even tartan trim for added detail.

    1. Women’s merino t-shirt

    Why is a t-shirt on the list for a women’s winter clothing top pick? Quality merino wool t-shirts keep you warm at the core whilst allowing some winter sun to find your skin. An ideal item to wear under your favourite woolen coat, cardigan or jacket on a winter day in Australia. The range of premium quality merino t-shirts at Sweaters Australia include feminine neutral colours to suit every style seeker. Add short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve or full-length merino t-shirts to you wardrobe for hassle-free outstanding winter outfits.


    Winter Clothes Online Shopping

    We have listened to our customers and have taken steps to make online winter clothes shopping better than ever this season at Sweaters Australia.

    Our recently updated range is bursting with quality knitwear at affordable prices. In fact, we have winter clothes on sale in almost every knitwear collection on our platform; including woolen jackets, sweaters, scarves, ponchos, cardigans, beanies, throws and more. High fashion and high-quality women’s winter ware and mens winter clothing are our specialty and we are confident you’ll find your new favourite knitwear online.  

    For the ultimate convenience, we encourage our loyal shoppers enjoy our online store this winter. Browse true-to-life product photos with zoom functionality and detailed descriptions. COVID-19 has allowed us to increase our online offerings to benefit our customers in Australia and worldwide. Expect swift order and dispatch processing as well as friendly customer assistance on any online enquiries.

    Winter clothes shopping, sorted at Sweaters Australia.  

    Iconic Men’s Knitwear that never goes out of style

    Iconic Men’s Knitwear that never goes out of style

    History of Fashion Knitwear

    An immortal friend of winter fashion, knitwear is ever being revived and reinvigorated throughout the world.

    With origins dating back to the 3rd century in Egypt, knitwear has been an accessible, necessary and appropriate way of clothing communities in cooler regions since the records of time began. Requiring only basic knitting utensils, yarn and the skills to stitch, knitting can produce garments of all types from socks and stockings to sweaters, scarves and beanies.

    Northern European countries were known to craft hardwearing, warm knitwear for mariners and fisherman during the 14th and 15th centuries. From then on, production of knitting machines began with new, finer techniques of lace knitting being introduced and knitting schools began popping up to equip the poor with skills to earn money. American fashion culture showcased knitwear as fashion on some leading figures in the media throughout the 1900’s cementing it’s place as a timeless, stylish clothing option.

    Today we are able to celebrate the journey knitwear has made and appreciate the luxury of being able to easily produce luxurious quality clothing from wool found all over the globe. With the advancements in fashion textile technology, traditional knitwear can be manufactured with modern, aesthetic enhancements.

    Sweaters Australia has been supplying quality Australian made knitwear to local and international customers for over four decades. Our broad range of woolen clothing for sale online, will delight men and women who are looking for fashionable and comfortable knitwear.

    Knitwear that never goes out of style

    V-Neck Jumpers

    One hundred years on and the V-Neck woollen jumper is still a winter favourite in men’s wardrobes. Exploding onto the fashion scene in 1921, when the Prince of Wales sported a V-neck Fair Isle jumper to a game of golf and quickly embraced by golfers, tennis players and eventually worn by men on various occasions throughout the world. Today, V-neck knits come in different quality yarn types to provide the right layer of stylish comfort. Perfect for pairing over a shirt and under a blazer, denim jacket, vest or overcoat. V-neck wool sweaters are a must-have item in every wardrobe, as they can be worn year on year with timeless fashion appeal. Sweaters Australia has neutral and bright colour options available in a spectrum of sizes to suit personal preferences.

    Cable Knitwear

    Cable stitching primarily adds warmth and textured decoration to a knitwear garment. Originating off the coast of Ireland in the rugged landscape of the Aran Islands. Fisherman were known to sport cable knit sweaters as a means of keeping dry, warm and to fend off the forceful ocean winds. Over time, the cable designs that enhanced the knitted jumpers or cardigans evolved into various patterns, including the honeycomb cable design, plaited cables and more. British born Elizabeth Zimmermann was one of the most famous knitters of recent history and her take on the cable knit sweater was featured in a US magazine Vogue. This milestone launched the popularity of the traditional cable knit into mens, womens and even youth staple fashion around the world. Sweaters Australia is proud to offer quality Ansett Wool cable knit mens sweaters and cardigans in a range of sizes and colours to appeal to every man for the ultimate classic style.

    Cashmere Merino Jumpers

    In the 16th century, the Kashmiri craftsmen in northern India used the undercoat of the Capra Hircus or Pashmina Goat to spin warm, luxurious clothing, known today as cashmere. The beautiful quality of the fibres is light, breathable and incredibly warm. The cashmere goats are found at high altitude in the Himalayas of Tibet and have natural thermal properties which, when used in clothing provide unmatched comfort and warmth. By incorporating the tradition cashmere merino appeal into our modern range of mens jumpers, you will find a V-neck cashmere merino, cable cashmere merino, full zip or half zip cashmere merino sweater and more to complete your winter wardrobe.

    Fisherman Rib Knit Jumpers

    fisherman rib knit jumper

    Originally known as ‘The Guernsey’, fisherman off the Channel Islands wore fisherman rib knit jumpers for close fitting, hardy warmth at sea. Some say the different densely woven reversible stitch patterns were categorised to identify the local fisherman who may be lost in the oceans, should their bodies be found. Cleverly, fisherman rib knits were designed to be worn either way for dressing in the dark. These days, fisherman rib knits are a handsome must-have jumper in every closet. The experts at Sweaters Australia have put together a collection of fisherman rib knits for the most discerning style seekers, including pure wool rib knits with shoulder patches and crew neck fisherman rib knits in various colours.

    Shawl Neck Jumper

    Shawl Neck Jumper

    The roots of the shawl neck or shawl collar sweater can be pinned to the military sweaters or ‘infantry sweaters’ worn by the American GIs. With a rolled neck in a V-shape, shawl neck sweaters are easy and flexible to pullover in a hurry. A few toggles or buttons are often featured for looks and functionality on the shawl neck jumper. Shawl neck cardigans are synonymous with dapper gentleman from the 20th century, including John F Kennedy, Sean Connery and Babe Ruth. One of the most flattering looking jumpers, Sweaters Australia sells a range of shawl neck jumpers online to add fashionable flair to any winter wardrobe. Find your favourite Ansett wool shawl neck jumper in a variety of colours or Fair isle pattern.

    Tradewinds Patterned Jumpers

    Tradewinds Patterned Jumpers Australia

    For generations, Australian Ansett wool knitwear has been a staple in men’s wardrobes. Loved for its warmth, washability, quality and style, the Ansett brand is an iconic and trusted Australian name. Tradewinds patterned sweaters by Ansett showcase designer flair by way of incorporating handsome patterns upon various styles of mens wool sweaters. ‘Trade winds’ are defined as winds that reliably blow east to west to help ships travel. Hence the name for the reliably warm, mens sweaters.

    As leading Ansett Knitwear sellers, Sweaters Australia feature the Tradewinds patterned jumpers in V-Neck, Crew neck, Polo and more, in sizes small to 3XL. Patterned knitwear will keep you warm and on trend in the most turbulent weather.