Keep heads cosy and stylish this winter with a McDonald fashionable hat.  A hat does keep you warm when temperatures drop.
All Entirely New Zealand made from POSSUM FUR, MERINO WOOL & MULBERRY SILK - All Natural products - It's in our nature.


Possum Merino Beanies

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There is no doubt that a blend ofnatural fibres including a high percentage of Possum Fur is the best beaniematerial combination. With the inclusion of possum fur, your will experienceultimate warmth as well as ultimate softness.

Absolutely. Possum merino beaniesare warm, luxurious to wear and keep their shape beautifully. Wearing a possummerino beanie will allow you to enjoy the outdoors even on the coldest winterday.

Wearing a possum merino beanie ispure luxury for your head and ears on any cold, windy day. They are verybreathable, soft and really do provide the ultimate in warmth. In fact, all overthe world outdoor pleasure seekers are choosing possum merino beanies whichkeep the heat in, and the cold out.

Genuine possum merino beanies areinstantly soft to the touch and lightweight. Sweaters Australia sells possummerino beanies with the precise blend of possum fur, mulberry silk and merinowool for a supreme experience.

Sweaters Australia believes thateveryone should be able to enjoy the beauty and warmth of possum merino beaniesand sell them at a very affordable price. Rather than buying a cheap newpolyester or knitted beanie every winter, your possum merino beanie will lastmany years, so they are a smart and very worthwhile choice.

No. In fact, possum merino silkblend beanies are proven to be 35% warmer than cashmere wool beanies. Possummerino beanies are warmer, lighter in weight and much more breathable too.