Lend some luxury to your feet with a pair of McDonald POSSUM FUR, MERINO WOOL & MULBERRY SILK Socks. With reinforced heels and toes, these cosy possum socks will give an ultra soft comfort and warmth to your feet. Stay warm and comfortable all year round with this exquisite... Read More

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Possum socks are an advancementin traditional thick wool blend socks. They provide higher warmth, morebreathability and are softer on skin than other wool socks.

Yes, extremely warm. Possummerino socks are not just warm, they are luxurious, easy to pull on and off andcan be worn at any occasion for comfort.

Absolutely. From the first momentyour wear a pair of possum merino socks you will be glad you bought them. Ratherthan buying multiple cheap pairs of thick wool socks, buy one or two pairs of durable,breathable, and long-lasting possum merino socks from Sweaters Australia.

At least 35% warmer than atypical wool blend sock. Keeping your feet warm in winter is the best way tokeep your whole body comfortable and happy all day. Try them and you will neverlook back.

Similar to arctic polar bears,possum fur has hollow fur fibres to trap warmth for guaranteed insulation. Thelatest knitwear advancements at Sweaters Australia have come up with theperfect blend of possum fur, merino wool and mulberry silk to provide the mostluxurious socks on the market in Australia and worldwide.