Gloves are the perfect accessory for those colder months proving a great partner for your coats and jackets. McDonald New Zealand have meticulously crafted these gloves with fashion & warmth in mind. Perfect for all occasions & made entirely of natural fibres consisting of; POSSUM FUR, MERINO... Read More

Possum Merino Gloves

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Honestly, they are the onlygloves you will need for winter! Superbly soft, lightweight and fashionable thepossum merino gloves at Sweaters Australia are simply a winter must have in anypart of the world.

The best way to clean possummerino gloves or other accessories is to very gently hand soak in cold to tepidwater with a touch of approved wool detergent for a few minutes. Then gentlyagitate the material by hand to remove any foreign substances. A quick rinseunder clean cold water, then lay the gloves flat to dry in an airy environment.Take care of you possum merino gloves and they will last many years.

Quality possum merino gloves fromSweaters Australia cost $35 and up, depending on the level of design detail youprefer. Our range offers possum merino open finger cable gloves, possum merinotartan gloves, merino fur trim gloves, fingerless gloves and more. Itworthwhile to buy quality gloves that will last many winter seasons than buyingcheap non-natural gloves.

No, they are not. Possum merinogloves are 35% warmer than cashmere gloves and better yet, they are finer andmore luxurious to wear. You will get more finger mobility in these super warm,lightweight possum merino gloves than in any other wool blend options.