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Woollen Sweaters & Woollen Jumpers

At Sweaters Australia we sell high quality knitwear. We are the exclusive stockists of the famous Geccu 3D knitwear range, originally known as Coogi Australia. In addition, you will find Australian staple collections such as the Ansett Knitwear range, Tradewinds by Ansett and luxurious Possum Merino mens woolen jumpers and womens woolen jumpers. We are proud to offer a wide range of quality woolen sweaters in sizes from Extra Small through to 9XL.

We believe that our quality knitwear will impress. However, if you change your mind we offer a refund option for the cost of the item, providing that your item is returned in new condition within 21 days of purchase (30 days for international orders). Buying knitwear from Sweaters Australia involves no risk and much reward to our local and international customers. 

For your convenience we offer a flexible exchange policy on our mens and womens knitwear in Australia. We ask that you return the item as new and email or phone us to advise which item you would like to exchange for. If there is a difference in cost, we can refund the difference or charge you the extra depending on the knitwear item you select. Exchange items must be sent back within 21 days (30 day for international orders). 

Washing your woolen sweaters or woolen jumpers form Sweaters Australia need only be done if the garment is particularly dirty or carries an odour. For small marks, a cold spot clean is usually sufficient. You will not harm the garment by washing it as long as you wash in cold water using on a gentle, wool cycle. 

We offer express delivery within Australia or worldwide on our men’s and women’s knitwear, woollen sweaters, woollen jumpers and our entire range. Within Australia you can expect your items within 1-3 business days and outside Australia we advise a 4-8 business day turnaround. If you spend over $150 in one transaction, we offer free express delivery, so it is worthwhile grouping your order with family or friends who are looking to buy quality knitwear. 

As our range of woolen knitwear demonstrates, there are various types of yarns that can be used to craft a cosy, beautiful woolen sweater. At Sweaters Australia, we offer premium quality in our different yarn types, including lightweight Possum fur merino blend, medium weight cashmere and merino blend in our mens and womens wool sweaters as well as 100% fine merino wool in the Geccu range and other garments. We have a yarn type to suit everyone’s personal preference. 

One of the best things about our mens and womens woolen sweaters and woollen jumper knitwear is that they are washable and have a long-life span if appropriately worn and stored. We recommend keeping your woolen garments off the floor to ensure they do not attract foreign substances whilst they are not being worn. Washing your woolen sweater is best done on a cold, wool cycle with a small amount of wool detergent. Always lay flat to dry in an shady spot.

Wool is synonymous with breathable warmth and it is true that some types of wool provide superior warmth. A quality blend of possum fur and merino wool can provide 35% more warmth than other types of wool, and is also a very lightweight option. Some prefer the feeling of a heavier weight, traditional pure wool jumper or cardigan. Whichever type of woolen sweater you choose, you are guaranteed a comfortable and cosy experience. 

It is said that cashmere is up to eight times warmer than wool. A good grade cashmere will also be very breathable and soft to the touch. At Sweaters Australia, we sell mens and womens woolen jumpers and knitwear that blend merino wool with cashmere to give the ultimate warmth, designer look and luxurious texture that you will not want to take off. Browse our cashmere jumpers to find your favourite. 

The collection of mens and womens sweaters at Sweaters Australia are made from quality natural wool fibres. As such, we manufacture using a high-tech knitting process. Each type of yarn is treated with the integrity it deserves throughout the design and manufacture process to achieve a well-crafted garment that looks and feels great. 


There is no doubt that a blend of natural fibres including a high percentage of Possum Fur is the best beanie material combination. With the inclusion of possum fur, you will experience ultimate warmth as well as ultimate softness.

Absolutely. Possum merino beanies are warm, luxurious to wear and keep their shape beautifully. Wearing a possum merino beanie will allow you to enjoy the outdoors even on the coldest winter day.

Wearing a possum merino beanie is pure luxury for your head and ears on any cold, windy day. They are very breathable, soft and really do provide the ultimate in warmth. In fact, all over the world outdoor pleasure seekers are choosing possum merino beanies which keep the heat in, and the cold out.

Sweaters Australia believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty and warmth of possum merino beanies and sell them at a very affordable price. Rather than buying a cheap new polyester or knitted beanie every winter, your possum merino beanie will last many years, so they are a smart and very worthwhile choice.

No. In fact, possum merino silk blended beanies are proven to be 35% warmer than cashmere wool beanies. Possum merino beanies are warmer, lighter in weight and much more breathable too.


Possum socks are an advancement in traditional thick wool blend socks. They provide higher warmth, more breathability and are softer on skin than other wool socks.

Yes, extremely warm. Possum merino socks are not just warm, they are luxurious, easy to pull on and off and can be worn at any occasion for comfort.

Absolutely. From the first moment your wear a pair of possum merino socks you will be glad you bought them. Rather than buying multiple cheap pairs of thick wool socks, buy one or two pairs of durable, breathable, and long-lasting possum merino socks from Sweaters Australia.

At least 35% warmer than a typical wool blend sock. Keeping your feet warm in winter is the best way to keep your whole body comfortable and happy all day. Try them and you will never look back.

Similar to arctic polar bears, possum fur has hollow fur fibres to trap warmth for guaranteed insulation. The latest knitwear advancements at Sweaters Australia have come up with the perfect blend of possum fur, merino wool and mulberry silk to provide the most luxurious socks on the market in Australia and worldwide.


Honestly, they are the only gloves you will need for winter! Superbly soft, lightweight and fashionable the possum merino gloves at Sweaters Australia are simply a winter must have in any part of the world.

The best way to clean possum merino gloves or other accessories is to very gently hand soak in cold to tepid water with a touch of approved wool detergent for a few minutes. Then gently agitate the material by hand to remove any foreign substances. A quick rinse under clean cold water, then lay the gloves flat to dry in an airy environment.Take care of you possum merino gloves and they will last many years.

Quality possum merino gloves from Sweaters Australia cost $35 and up, depending on the level of design/detail you prefer. Our range offers possum merino open finger cable gloves, possum merino tartan gloves, merino fur trim gloves, fingerless gloves and more. It is worthwhile to buy quality gloves that will last many winter seasons rather than buying cheap non-natural gloves.

No, they are not. Possum merino gloves are 35% warmer than cashmere gloves and better yet, they are finer and more luxurious to wear. You will get more finger mobility in these super warm, lightweight possum merino gloves than in any other wool blend options.