Australian Made Jumpers Melbourne

Australian Made Jumpers Melbourne

Synonymous with durability and softness, Australian made pure wool jumpers are a must-have item in every wardrobe. Beyond the quality of the various types of wool used to make men's wool jumpers and women's wool jumpers in Australia, the range of designs available is endless, with the perfect piece to suit every individual’s style. Famous Australian wool jumpers include the Ansett Knitwear collection which features impeccable fine Merino wool as well as cashmere Merino blend sweaters and mid to heavy weight jumpers and jackets. The unique and beautifully made Geccu 3D Knitwear range is highly desirable in Australia and worldwide for its longevity and intricate, colourful patterns. From the moment you put on a quality Australian woolen jumper, you will feel effortlessly comfortable and on trend.   

Australian made jumpers Melbourne are:

Lightweight and Durable

In the past, keeping warm in woolen jumpers was associated with wearing bulky, oversized woolen clothing. With the availability of supreme Merino wool, cashmere Merino blends, possum Merino and more, buying Australian made wool clothing now offers many lightweight options. Thanks to the breathability of these luxurious materials, woolen jumpers can be worn in cold, medium and mild climates allowing year-round comfort. The undeniable durability of well-made wool jumpers means that choosing Australian wool jumpers is a smart investment for your wardrobe.

High quality and long lasting

We are fortunate in Australia to have the ideal climate and conditions for producing premium quality wool. This is why fibres used in many Australian made woolen sweaters and garments are of the highest standard, surpassing cheaper imitations. Merino wool is farmed locally and appreciated for its incredible softness and warmth. It can be combined with cashmere and possum fur to create stunning quality attire. When used to craft wool jumpers, cardigans, vests, shawls and otherwise, the result is a first-class piece of clothing that will last many years or decades if lovingly looked after. 

Available in classic and modern designs

Have you browsed the exciting ranges of wool jumpers on sale in Australia? The variety in style, colour, shape, length and formality is infinite. Whether you are looking for daily work attire suitable for city or country life, corporate-appropriate jackets and scarves, casual throws, weekend-comfort pieces or a truly special item to gift yourself or someone else with, you’ll find one that speaks to your style. Womens wool jumpers and mens wool jumpers in classic shapes are a timeless staple, and fresh fashion tweaks to include modern detail offer young and old the option to wear comfortable yet funky Australian woolen clothing whilst being 100% fashion forward. Half zip jumpers, 5-button cardigans, full zip jackets, women’s throws are just a few examples of leading designs.

A perfect gift

Not only are Australian made woolen jumpers and ideal wardrobe staple, they also make the best gift for women and men. Why? Because a beautifully made sweater, cardigan, scarf, throw, vest or otherwise will stand the test of time and be enjoyed by the wearer for many years. For young, middle aged or senior, woolen jumpers will bring comfort, warmth and style – a truly versatile and thoughtful present for someone you care about.

Easy to maintain

One of the best things about quality Australian knitwear on sale at Sweaters Australia, is that each item is washable. With that being said, unlike other materials Australian pure wool is breathable and resistant to bacteria so it doesn’t require regular washing. Once you have worn your garment, you should simply give it a gentle shake, and fold it neatly to store in a dry place off the floor. If you do need to give your Australian wool jumper a clean, a cold gentle wash with wool wash is recommended.

7 Reasons that will make you fall in love with Australian Made Knitwear from Melbourne

There are some items of clothing that become instant favourites and Australian made woolen jumpers, cardigans, scarves, throws, vests, and jackets are exactly that. Regardless of which country you live in or how old you are, it is easy to fall in love with Australian knitwear. Having been in the knitwear industry for decades, the team at Sweaters Australia has heard first hand the long list of explanations why people adore Australian pure woolen jumpers. Sweaters Australia receives positive reviews from locals in Melbourne and those around the world who order Australian made wool clothing online telling of how impressed and happy they are with their products. Here are the top 7 reasons men and women would recommend buying Australian made jumpers to others.

1. You’ll never want to take it off

If you are one of those people who is big on the feeling or comfort of your clothes, Australian woolen clothing is optimal. Wearing cashmere or Merino wool is a supremely luxurious experience, a real treat that can be enjoyed all day long. During the colder months, donning a woolen jumper made from Australian wool is like being wrapped in a warm hug and allows you to enjoy the outdoors no matter how harsh the weather conditions.  

2. Everyone can enjoy an Australian made wool jumper

Unlike some high fashion brands which range in size from 6 to 16, Australian woolen sweaters and attire come in petite sizes all the way through to 4XL in popular designs. Quality knitwear that can be enjoyed by people of all shapes and sizes is a major reason why people appreciate and love buying woolen clothing made from Australian wool. With ample choice of design and colour, people often find their favourite piece and decide to purchase it in multiple colours.

3. Designs as simple or out-there as you desire

Australian made woolen jumpers are celebrated for their breadth of design options. Classic V-neck jumpers or round neck jumpers are always on trend and can be the perfect addition to mens or womens clothing collections year on year. On the other end of the spectrum are the bright and bold Geccu 3D wool jumpers and jackets which ooze originality and artistry. Locals to Melbourne as well as interstate and overseas fashionistas love the stunning colourful patterns which can compliment a person’s individuality perfectly. From simple and elegant to flamboyant and loud and everything in between, there’s an Australian wool sweater for everyone.

4. The best investment for your wardrobe

Like a great pair of leather boots or a special silk robe, quality Australian wool knitwear is a long-term investment; albeit very affordable too! When well-cared for, an Australian wool jumper can last many winter seasons and become a reliable item in your wardrobe that outlasts other fashion items. Unlike cotton, nylon or polyester clothing, wool wears extremely well against the elements with minimal washing required. Choosing to spend money on Australian wool clothing is a smart choice for those who care about sustainability and material quality.

5. You will always look on-trend in Australian wool clothing

Woolen fibres have been used in clothing for centuries. In more recent history, Irish fisherman and shepherds in the highlands of the middle east used wool jumpers to keep warm and insulated. With the influence of modern fashion, Australian wool jumpers offer so much more than just thermal appeal. Beautiful colour combinations, embellishments and different types of wool garments are on offer to please individual tastes. From two-tone funnel neck womens jumpers to cable knit cardigans, ponchos, cape wraps and more, you can easily look modern and stylish in Australian made woolen jumpers.  

6. So many flattering designs

Not every body type suits the traditional V-neck or crew neck woolen pullover sweater. Thankfully, companies like Sweaters Australia provide an enormous range of jumpers for both men and women to compliment your shape. Men can find their perfect look in a handsome shawl neck jumper, fine weight skivvy, polo neck, half zip, full zip jacket, vest or other modern garment. Women can flatter their figure in an Australian wool hood jacket, possum Merino poncho, V-neck jumper, zip cardigan, polo neck jumper, crew jumper or many more fashion forward quality Australian wool jumpers on sale.    

7. Easy to dress up or down

One of the best perks of buying Australian made wool jumpers is the versatility to wear the item on any occasion. Depending on the weight and design you choose, you can wear you garment on any day of the week. Don your knitwear with casual pants when lounging and relaxing with family, pair it with jeans and boots for the perfect weekend look, add a corporate pair of pants or skirt and elegant shoes to dress up your woolen top. The range of colours, tones and patterns allow for creativity with your outfits.

Why are the V-Neck Super Wash Jumpers from Sweaters Australia a popular favourite for men? Not only have the Ansett machine washable sweaters been a classic Australian staple for generations, but they also continue to ooze fashion appeal for young and old, they’re lightweight and incredibly warm. Thin enough to wear a coat and scarf with during the peak of winter, and smart enough to look your best at any social or work event when paired with appropriate pants and shoes, these are a must have in every man’s collection. A quality wool jumper for under $100 in a variety of colours including denim blue, grey, burgundy, black, charcoal and slate, this is a jumper you can’t help but fall in love with.  

Jumper (Fine Merino) – Men

Fine weight Australian Merino men’s woolen jumpers are slimming, cosy, breathable and very versatile, making these a top-selling garment in Melbourne, Australia-wide and worldwide. With a style to suit every man’s taste in crewneck, V-neck and skivvy neck, adding a Fine Merino jumper to your wardrobe is essential. Soft to the touch and super attractive, this neat looking wool jumper comes in over 20 colours including neutrals black, brown and grey as well as eye catching lemon yellow, amber orange, merlot, olive green, mulberry grape and many more. Affordable and long-lasting, a Fine Merino men’s wool jumper is the perfect gift for yourself or a special man in your life.    

Geccu 3D multicolour Jumper – Men

When we talk about falling in love with woolen clothing the Geccu 3D multicolour men’s jumper is a prime example. These jumpers are famous and have earned their reputation as one of the most unique, high quality and beautiful Australian Merino wool jumpers available for sale. Designed to impress and give the wearer a sense of vibrance, guaranteed warmth and comfort, there are a variety of colour palettes and patterns on offer in the Geccu mens knitwear range. Options such as the Wombat Bright with light blue, royal blue and hints of red and orange make a bold statement, as do the multicolour Force Bright and Kanga Bright designs. The Ocean Earth, Force Earth and Wave Black are more subdued in tone with incredible attention to detail to adorn the wearer in a knitwear masterpiece.  

Womens Geccu Jumper – Women

Women who appreciate the comfort, warmth and quality of Australian Merino Wool will tell you how easy it is to fall in love with the Womens Geccu jumper range on sale at Sweaters Australia. These bright and beautiful multicolour jumpers feature impeccable attention to detail on the neckline, trimming and throughout the entire garment, making them a truly unique piece of timeless fashion, perfect for keeping warm and feeling bright throughout the colder months of the year. With a dozen colour palettes and patterns to choose from, you will find a statement jumper that reflects your charisma in the Geccu Australian Merino wool jumper collection. The vibrancy of the Ocean Bright, Force Bright, Wombat Bright, Crown Bright and Dingo Bright options will delight, and for those women who prefer a more toned-down look, the Wave Black, Ocean Earth, Force Uluru designs will appeal.

Plain Merino Jumper – Women

There is nothing more comfortable, chic, and easy to wear than Australian Merino wool jumpers for women. Sweaters Australia offers a quality range crafted using 100% fine Merino wool to provide all day breathability and warmth. Best of all, the collection includes a variety of sleeve lengths to suit any woman’s wardrobe for every season. Ideal for Summer and Spring are the Merino t-shirts and 3/4 sleeve ladies crew jumpers. For Autumn and Winter the textured Merino jumpers for women can be worn on their own or paired with vests, scarves, jackets or shawls for an elegant look. A gorgeous gift idea for yourself or someone special. Plain yet appealing in a variety of colours such as navy, saffron, wheat, cayenne red and more everyone will love an Australian made Merino wool jumper.  

Possum Jumpers – Women

Is it love? Is it lust? Whatever it is, we guarantee a long-lasting relationship with a sumptuous possum Merino jumper made using the finest blend of natural fibres. Possum fur is known for its supreme comfort, anti-perspiration qualities and lightweight softness. When used in conjunction with premium Australian Merino wool and mulberry silk, you have yourself an article of clothing fit for royalty. At Sweaters Australia, the collection of Possum jumpers will impress. A tantalising variety of colour options including berry, teal, mocha, lilac, mint, pewter, plum, red and more in styles to compliment every shape and size from XS to 2XL. The Origami Neck possum Merino jumper is a favourite, and other loveable ladies’ wool jumpers include the polo neck and womens casual hoodie. 

Jumper Sale In Melbourne Australia 

Proud to be Melbourne Australia’s favourite destination for the best quality Australian made pure wool jumpers, Sweaters Australia continues to delight locals and customers worldwide with fashionable products and excellent service. If you are looking to buy woolen jumpers Australia as a gift for yourself or someone special, now is the time to shop online. Mens and womens wool jumpers Australia that will spoil you with warmth, comfort and timeless style for many years to come. Explore the deals at Sweaters Australia and buy smart at our woolen jumper sale on NOW.



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