4 Interesting facts you should know about Possum Fur

4 Interesting facts you should know about Possum Fur

If you are planning to buy possum fur or possum wool sweaters or any woollen sweater or woollen jumper, here are the

Four interesting facts about possum fur that you should know:

#1 Warmer than merino

Possum fur is like polar bear fur in that they both are very similar in terms of properties and provide exceptional insulation. You can feel more warmth in the possum fur than in any merino garment, synthetic garment or even a cotton hoodie. The reason lies in its fibres which are 55% warmer than merino and 35% warmer than cashmere fabrics of the same weight and knit structure. 

#2 It cannot be used for spinning on its own

As one would assume, the superior warmth of possum fur should make it a perfect standalone fibre for knitting. But, as the possum fur is a very short and fine fibre, it cannot be used for spinning on its own. The fibre needs to be blended with merino wool or any other fibre that can act as a binder so that the material stays strong and sticks together. 

#3 Possums originated in Australia

Today, possum fur comes from New Zealand, but possums originated in Australia and can still be found in Melbourne, Victoria and Tasmania. In the mid-1800s, European settlers took possums to New Zealand to establish a wall of food and fibre where they could now be found in abundance. New Zealand exports possums to multiple places. 

#4 Extremely lightweight and soft

Extremely lightweight and soft, possum fur is not itchy and rarely causes irritation. If you are looking for affordable options for possum accessories, check out the range at Sweaters Australia:

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