Chestnut Mens Detailed Scuffs / Slipper

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Slip on Comfort!

Our pure sheepskin scuffs are perfect for just slipping straight onto your feet first thing in the morning as you get out of bed or as soon as you get in from outside


Slip on scuff, enclosed foot from toe to arch. Bound sole line. Lightweight sole. Fully lined with an ultra soft fleece for snuggly comfort and warmth

Inner/Upper: Made from 100% luxurious Merino Double Faced Sheepskin

3 22.5cm
4 23cm
5 23.8cm
6 24.5cm
7 25.1cm
8 25.7cm
9 26.2cm
10 26.7cm
11 27.2cm
12 27.7cm
13 28.2cm
14 28.8cm