Men's Grey Classic Short Ugg

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Our Classic Short Ugg Boots are our best selling boots in our store.

Made from quality Australian sheepskin material, our Classic Short Ugg Boots are the best possible sheepskin boots you can get online. The soles are made from EVA ridged rubber (ethyl vinyl acetate), which makes them perfect for the indoor and outdoor environment. Both lightweight and durable, the Classic Short Ugg Boots are a must for this winter

Feature: 9.8" or 25cm high from sole to the top

Inner/Upper: Made from 100% luxurious Australian Double Faced Sheepskin

Sole: Lightweight hard wearing EVA ridged rubber sole (ethyl vinyl acetate) which is ideal for indoor and outdoor wear. Featuring reinforced heels for durability

3 22.5cm
4 23cm
5 23.8cm
6 24.5cm
7 25.1cm
8 25.7cm
9 26.2cm
10 26.7cm
11 27.2cm
12 27.7cm
13 28.2cm
14 28.8cm