How To Care For Your Wool Jumpers - Tips & Tricks

How To Care For Your Wool Jumpers - Tips & Tricks

Woollen jumpers are a natural fibre garment and are therefore excellent at keeping you warm. When the temperature is low, a cool breeze is about or there is a light shower, a woollen jumper will help you stay warm. There are many types of woollen jumpers and woollen sweaters that you can choose from our extensive range. With various styles, designs and colours available, you will be spoiled for choice. It is important to choose a perfect fitting woollen sweater or jumper so that it enables you to retain your body heat and keep you warm.

To ensure that your woollen jumper retains its shape, does not deteriorate and continues to operate effectively, you will need to care for your wool jumper as per the washing instructions. It is important to follow the care requirements to avoid damaging the jumper or sweater and lowering its useful life. We have prepared this blog to help you understand the key tips and tricks to care for your garments correctly. The requirements are not onerous or costly and are followed by many people throughout the world. Practising appropriate care for your woollen jumper will help you in the long-term.

Here are 5 tips and tricks to help you care for your wool jumpers and sweaters.

  • How to wash wool sweater?

    Woollen jumpers do no need to be washed every time you wear them, but rather when they look like its time for a freshen up. After you have worn your woollen jumper and decide that it is time to clean it, you will need to wash it with care. Firstly, you should check the inside label of the sweater to see if there are any specific instructions. Also, turn the garment inside out to protect the outer side of the jumper or sweater. If there are no specific instructions to the contrary, it is common to wash woollen jumpers in your washing machine using cold water, using a woollen garment detergent on a wool or delicate cycle. You can also wash the garment by hand if you prefer, however, avoid rubbing the garment. Wash with similar colours and use a mild detergent.


    • Dry with care

      Once you have washed your woollen sweater, jumper or cardigan, the garment needs to be dried with correctly. Avoid using a dryer because this will shrink the garment. Remember to check the label or tag for any specific instructions. It is recommended to lay the garment flat to dry, as a wet woollen jumper will be heavy and will stretch if hung whilst wet. The garment should not be dried in direct sunlight as this can affect the woollen fibres and colour. Also, avoid drying the garment close to a heater as this can also damage the garment if the heat is too high.


      1. Wear with care

      Like any item of clothing, you should wear your woollen jumper or sweater with care. Avoid pulling at it, tugging at it, working in confined spaces with it, rolling in it or wearing it in a dirty environment. While the tailor who made the garment cannot supervise your use of the woollen jumper or sweater, they do include instructions for safe use and care. These might appear on the tags or labels or on any supplementary information available with the clothing item, in the packaging or on the website. Remember to consult these sources as these tips will help you enhance the longevity of the woollen garment.


      • Store with care

      Remember to store your woollen cardigan, jumper or sweater with care. It is advisable to store the garment in a closed area that is sealed from unwanted pests and dirt. The sweater or jumper can be folded or hung using a hanger that fits the garment correctly. If hung, make sure it is not squashed in between other clothes. This will allow the garment to breathe. The storage facility should be ventilated and free from moisture ingress and dampness. Avoid spraying chemicals on the woollen jumper or sweaters like perfumes, colognes, and other health and beauty products. If you suspect an odour, consider washing it.  During the warmer months, you may wish to keep you knits folded in a plastic bag. This will avoid stretching by being hung for many months and the plastic will ensure that moths and silverfish do not eat holes into the garment


      • Maintain with care

      Treat your woollen garments with care to maintain the useful life of the jumper, cardigan or sweater. Follow any other specific instructions recommended by the tailor. If you are unsure, give the tailor a call and they can advise. Remember to consider the tips above and if you spill any liquids or other items on the jumper or sweater, use woollen approved detergents and wash mildly in cold water and dry as per the above. Remember, avoid panicking and using any detergent available as this might not be suitable for your garment.

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      Wool Jumpers Care - FAQs

      How often should you wash wool jumpers?

      You don’t need to wash your jumpers much at all. Wool and Possum Merino are natural fibres and can be left outside in the wind to be deodorised through the fresh air or you can use the iron, on linen setting, where the iron is very steamy, and you can pump a lot of steam into the garment to kill the germs and kind of dry-clean it…

      What happens if you machine wash wool jumpers?

      Wool can be washed in the machine, but must be on a WOOL WASH – meaning, no hot water and not a fast spin cycle – anything hot will shrink wool and a fast spin will make the garment lose its shape.

      Also, don’t wash your woollies, with many other items in the machine – this can cause wool to pill

      What detergent is safe for wool jumpers?

      I always suggest any recommended wool wash detergent is fine as long as it is a liquid.

      If hand washing, I often like to use nice hair shampoo – Afterall, the wool was once an animals hair.

      Powdered detergent can actually create holes in woollen items when the specks of the powder come into contact with wool. If you use powdered detergent, it is best to mix it with water prior to using on your woollies.

      Does wool jumpers shrink when washed?

      Wool will shrink in anything HOT – Hot water or tumble dryer.

      Can I put wool jumpers in the dryer?

      NO NO NO!!! Heat shrinks wool.

      What happens if you tumble dry wool jumpers?

      You favourite jumper will be given to a baby.

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