Top 10 Fashionable Sweaters For Women

Top 10 Fashionable Sweaters For Women

When browsing online shopping for knitwear, how do consumers know what is the best woolen sweaters to buy? How are women supposed to choose which is the best knitwear for women’s? How can consumers ensure they are buying products using quality Australian & New Zealand materials? To help our customers make the right choice, we have compiled a list of our favourite ladies woolen jumpers. 

Here are our 10 best ladies’ woollen jumpers based on customer purchasing and market trends;

  1. Our first recommendation for Knitwear Australia for ladies is the possum merino ombre poncho. The ombre poncho is not a possum jumper but rather a possum merino poncho. It comes in 6 different colour schemes and is one of our best sellers for ladies who are looking for shopping knitwear online.
  1. The yoke neck possum jumper is another gorgeous piece for ladies that are looking for possum woolen sweaters online. Tailored with a blend of possum merino wool and silk, this is a masterpiece of knitwear Australia – coming in 7 different colours, you might find yourself buying them all.
  1. The yoke neck possum cardigans are similar to the yoke possum jumpers, however the possum cardigan has a zip running all the way down the front of the woolen sweaters. Worn neat and fitted, you will struggle to find anything nicer when looking for women’s knitwear.
  1. Our possum fur trim cable wrap is one of a kind in terms of style, sophistication & warmth. The cable wrap is made from the unique blend of possum fur merino wool and mulberry silk, whilst the trimming is untouched possum fur – this is truly the best of the best for women looking to keep warm in winter.
  1. Another popular piece of our range of ladies’ possum jumpers is our gorgeous polo neck range. Available in 7 colours, we love the lime.
  1. The oversized possum merino and silk oversized hoodie is another unique woolen sweater piece available at Made from the highest quality yarns, yet in a comfortable everyday piece, this will be your go to piece every cold day.
  1. When shopping for wool jumpers ladies the first thing that comes to mind when looking for Australian knitwear are the Geccu Jumpers. The bright colourful 3D knits have been iconic with Australian knitwear and Sweaters Australia for the last 45 years.
  1. The Geccu Mati Pastal Swing Coat is unique piece of art made into woolen sweaters. Combining a number of soft feminine colours, in a long ladies coat, this is another iconic piece of knitwear Australia
  1. The bright mati hoodie is one of the first items that will appear when browsing online shopping knitwear. It can be worn fitted or baggy, depending on the look you are after from your woollen ladies jumper.
  1. Finally, the two tone turtle neck bring female elegance and warmth together to ensure you are covered all year round. This women’s knitwear is made with a blend of natural Merino, Possum fur and Silk fibres ensuring the cold never gets in.

Which one of our selection is your favourite? We love hearing from our customers!

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