11 Stylish Woolen Jumpers Every Man Should Own In 2023

11 Stylish Woolen Jumpers Every Man Should Own In 2023

When buying a stylish woolen sweater for men, there are a number of staple options for your wardrobe. Men’s woollen jumpers consist of certain unique flavours in terms of their style and class. In this article we look at 11 stylish woolen jumpers that every man should own.

1. The number 1 men’s woollen jumper that every man should own a Navy blue v neck woolen jumper. This woollen jumper for men can be worn casually with a t-shirt underneath, dressed up with a shirt, worn under a suit jacket or even as part of a work uniform. The universal options make this a centrepiece of any man’s wardrobe.

Navy Machine Washable V Neck Jumper Ansett Plain Knitwear

2. The second most important men’s woollen jumper is a black merino wool jumper Australia. Black V-Neck styled men’s woollen jumpers match everything you put on and is risk free if you are thinking of buying as a gift.

Black Fine Weight Merino Wool V Neck Ansett Plain Knitwear

3. A Charcoal mens wool jumper in fine merino wool is almost as important as the black mens woollen jumper. Some men prefer charcoal over any other colour when choosing a mens wool jumper. The primary reason for this is that you don’t see any spillage or mess on a charcoal woollen jumper as the colour is mixed. If you are anything like me, there is a high likelihood at each meal there will be something that will end up on your woolen jumper, this option is a no brainer!

Charcoal Fine Weight Merino Wool V Neck Ansett Plain Knitwear

4. For the cold winter days, a Navy blue fisherman rib mens wool jumper with patches on the shoulder and elbows is the perfect option. The fisherman rib knit mens wool jumpers are a heavier weight wool jumper meaning farmers and other outdoor workers can enjoy the warmth and wind protection from this classical stylish piece.

Navy Jumper With Elbow And Shoulder Patches Ansett Plain Knitwear

5. Another essential woollen sweater for men for the cold winter days is the fisherman rib jumper with the shawl neck collar in agate grey. Identical in weight and warmth as the fisherman rib jumper with patches, these woollen sweaters for men are thick in weight, providing extra warmth on a windy day.

Agate Shawl Neck Jumper Ansett Plain Knitwear

8. The charcoal cable knit woollen jumper is another classical woollen sweater for men. It is a mid-weight woollen jumper, providing a little extra warmth in a colder, windier climate.

Charcoal Cable Crew Neck Jumper Ansett Plain Knitwear

6. A possum merino mens crew neck jumper is classical yet stylish, exceptionally classy and warm. Independent tests state that possum fur is 55% warmer than wool and 35% warmer than cashmere. The mens possum merino jumpers are extremely light in weight, but provide that warmth in very frosty climates. The crew neck possum merino woolen sweaters for men are available in 4 colours, but my favourite is the unique mocha. Let’s see if you love it too!

Mocha Possum Merino And Silk Crew Neck Jumper Possum Merino

7. Another mens woolen jumper with possum fur is the ever so stylish pewter half zip cable. Cable knit woolen jumpers in Australia have been a classic mens wool jumper forever! Now having the same style in the unique possum, merino and silk blend, this is a remarkable woolen sweater for men. The higher neck gives that extra wind protection whilst also providing that cosmopolitan look.

Pewter Possum Half Zip Cable Possum Merino

9. The possum merino wool jumper for men in red is another must have if you want to have a stylish winter wardrobe. Red may seem a little risky for some, but try this on and you will fall in love with not only the colour, but also the feel, the weight and the warmth of this possum merino woollen sweater for men.

Red Plain Possum V Neck Jumper Possum Merino

10. In Australia, it would be un-Australian not to have a Geccu mens woolen jumper. These original 3D merino woolen jumpers are the iconic woolen jumper of Australia. Made from the softest merino wool, using the most technical and sophisticated knitting machinery together with extremely talented and experienced knitters, the Geccu mens wool jumpers are warm, stylish and unique. The kanga mens wool jumper is the one to own if you want that unique authentic look.

Kanga - Bright Sweater Geccu 3D Multi Colour

11. For some people, the bright colours of the Geccu mens wool jumper is too much, but they still want the quality and warmth of this unique woolen jumper Australia. The black wave merino woolen sweaters for men provide elegance and style in a more subtle tone than the iconic Geccu mens woolen jumpers.

Wave - Black Sweater Geccu 3D Multi Colour


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