Sweater vs. Jumpers - What's the difference?

Sweater vs. Jumpers - What's the difference?

Jumpers and Sweaters are the same things. Depending on which country you are from, you may use the term, woollen sweater, wool jumper, pullover or jersey – they can all be used when referring to a knitwear Australia or woollen sweaters.

Dealing with American and Canadian customers, they will always refer to knitwear Australia or cardigans Australia as Australian wool sweaters, woollen sweaters, woollen sweaters for men or woollen sweaters for women

Knitwear Australia

Australian people will generally refer to knitwear Australia or cardigans Australia as a woollen jumper Australia

Woolen knitwear Australia are what we know as a woollen pullover. A wool jumper can be for men, women or children and it is a woollen garment that you pull over your head. Knitwear Australia can also refer to woollen cardigans Australia.

Some people prefer to wear a woollen cardigan Australia, as opposed to a wool jumper Australia because they may find the wool knitwear hard to pull over their head and they prefer to wear a wool cardigan Australia, as a woollen cardigan Australia can be opened at the front using buttons. People who find it hard to extend their arms up high prefer a woollen cardigan Australia as it is easier to slip on than a woollen jumper if people have difficulties extending their arms due to shoulder pain.

Many people from all corners of the world know that Australian wool sweaters or knitwear Australia are some of the best knits in the world. The merino wool that comes from our sheep ensure that woollen sweaters for men or woollen sweaters for women are warm, long lasting and superior to woollen sweaters that you will buy in most other countries.

Australian merino wool used in knitwear Australia is known to be the finest and softest wool in the world. 

Most tourists that visit our country or shop online are attracted to knitwear Australia for the reason that our woollen jumper Australia are soft, non pilling and generally better quality than other wool knitwears

Proudly selling Australian cardigans and knitwear for the last 5 decades, we find it easy to assist customers when deciding on which wool jumper Australia may best suit them. May it be a woollen sweater for men or a woollen sweater for women, all woollen knitwear Australia fit differently and there is some advice to be given when looking at buying a woollen sweater

 Australian wool sweaters can be found in super fine merino wool, medium weight merino wool or heavy weight merino wool. Depending on the weight, generally the lighter the weight of the woollen jumper Australia, the neater the fit of the wool knitwear. As knitwear Australia becomes heavier, the woolen sweaters for men or woolen sweaters for women will generally be a more comfortable fit.

A fine weight wool jumper will fit neatly under a blazer or under a cardigan Australia, whilst a heavy weight woollen sweater will generally have a wider body, wider sleeves and lower shoulder – this will enable the person to wear another woolen jumper Australia underneath. This may be appropriate for farmers or people working outdoors. 

Another benefit of buying merino woollen sweaters and cardigans Australia is that our woollen jumpers Australia are machine washable. When washing a knitwear Australia, one must only use cold water and not tumble dry. Woolen sweaters for men or woollen sweaters for women will shrink is they are washed in hot water or placed in a tumble dryer. Heat shrink woollen sweaters and therefore it is best to wash them in cold water and lay them flat to dry.

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