11 Mens Woolen Jumpers That Will Never Go Out of Fashion

11 Mens Woolen Jumpers That Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Men’s woolen jumpers have been an essential part of a man’s wardrobe for over a century. Woolen sweaters for men were originally knitted by the wives of fisherman and sailors for hundreds of years before this, however it was not until the 1890’s that a woolen jumper was adopted by athletes to wear before and after they competed, in order to protect them from the cold. 

Evolving from this, men’s wool jumpers have become not only a winter warmer, but a fashion piece made from Australian iconic merino wool. Beautiful wool jumper is a statement of fashion not just about warmth.

There are certain styles of men’s woolen jumpers that will never go out of fashion and can be worn for years as long as the garment is looked after correctly. Garments need to be washed and even stored away during the summer months if not worn - to ensure moths and silverfish do not degrade the quality of the jumper.

The 11 men’s woollen jumpers that will never go out of fashion are:

#1 A black fisherman rib knit woolen jumper is classic in colour and style and will never go out of fashion. We have been making and selling this style for nearly 5 decades and it continues to be one of the most requested woolen sweaters for men.

Black Jumper With Elbow And Shoulder Patches Ansett Plain Knitwear

#2 A Navy blue polo half zip, fine weight, merino wool jumper can be worn over a t-shirt, a shirt or alternatively nothing underneath. Australian superfine merino wool is the softest wool in the world and provides for comfort, warmth and style. Helping to ensure that your fashion piece never dates and keeps you warm.

Navy Half Zip Fine Merino Ansett Plain Knitwear

#3 Argyle patterned woolen sweaters for men have been around since the 1920’s. Often worn on the golf course, this men’s woolen jumper is continuously in high demand and remains timeless.

9333 Navy - Tradewinds By Ansett Ansett Plain Knitwear

#4 Just like wearing a pair of denim jeans, a denim coloured wool jumper in Australia is a jumper that will keeps your bones warm whilst also keeping you looking fashionable. This woolen jumper is made of 100% pure wool and can be machine washed in cold water. It will last you for years and will look fashionable for the same duration.

Denim Machine Washable V Neck Jumper Ansett Plain Knitwear

#5 Cable knitted woolen sweaters for men have kept men looking stylish since the 1900’s. They are generally a medium to heavy weight woolen jumper or cardigan and in the last 10 years have become a vogue piece for all age brackets. The sable coloured, cable knitted wool cardigan is an ageless fashion piece.

Sable Cable Knit Cardigan Ansett Plain Knitwear

#6 A navy blue, cable knitted v neck men’s woolen jumper combines the three most unfailing aspects when shopping for a woolen knit. Navy blue in colour, cable knitted in pattern and V neck in style. These three facets will guarantee the men’s wool jumper will be in style perpetually.

Navy Cable V Neck Jumper Ansett Plain Knitwear

#7 Cashmere merino woolen sweaters for men is a unique blend. Combining the softness and extra warmth of cashmere with the Australian superfine merino wool, the cable knitted blue polo neck jumper is modern and elegant.

Blue Cable Cashmere Ansett Plain Knitwear

#8 The never changing shawl neck fisherman rib knit jumper can be worn with the collar up or down. Have that European look, with Australia’s high grade merino wool ensues comfort and fashion. With a relaxed drop shoulder, this men’s woolen jumper is worn out for dinner, on the farm or in the city. There are no limits with this woolen jumper Australia.

Charcoal Shawl Neck Jumper Ansett Plain Knitwear

#9 Want an iconic Australian woolen jumper that never dates? The Force Earth Geccu woolen sweaters for men is the piece to own. Combining the dark natural earthy tones, with the sophisticated knitting technique that Geccu knitwear are known for, this contemporary woolen jumper is exemplary and graceful.

Force - Earth Sweater Geccu 3D Multi Colour

#10 The Mati bright merino wool Geccu jumper is the definition of The Australian men’s woolen jumper. You will stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Celebrating twenty years of production is proof that this woolen jumper is everlasting.

Mati - Bright Sweater Geccu 3D Multi Colour

#11 A thick placket possum merino and silk jumper is another stylish knit that will never go out of fashion. Providing the warmth of possum fur and the softness of silk, this masterpiece is the epitome of superlative knitwear for men. The colour is as unique as the combined yarns that make it dateless.

Mocha Placket Possum Jumper Possum Merino

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